Lake Cascade State Park

South Beck & Baird has been extensively involved in the majority of Lake Cascade State Park projects, which encompass 15 campgrounds and a new Visitors Center. Most recently, SBB was retained as lead consultant to develop the master plan and construction documents for the renovation and expansion of eight campgrounds along Lake Cascade’s 86-mile shoreline. The $1.2 million project primarily involved shoreline stabilization efforts to limit erosion from wave activity.

Concurrently, SBB was a sub-consultant to Platform Architects on the new Administration & Visitor Center, located in downtown Cascade. SBB was responsible for all site planning, grading, layout, landscape and irrigation for this five-acre site.

Additionally, SBB was the lead consultant for the renovation master plan and construction documents for the Poison Creek Campground, which contains 22 RV stalls with power, sewer and water hookups. SBB designed the site layout, with a focus on native plants and framed views. The park-like setting contains mature trees and provides access to multiple beaches and boat docks.

Over the past 20 years, South Beck & Baird has completed 22 projects within the Lake Cascade State Park.

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