Reiter Foothills Forest Trail System

As a collaboration among Hough Beck & Baird (HBB), South Beck & Baird worked with Washington State Department of Natural Resources to develop a master plan to restore recreation activity to the area. SBB worked as the sub-consultant, specializing in large outdoor recreation to assist in the design of the overall master plan. The master plan addressed proposed uses such as mountain bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, and super-modified rock crawler 4x4s.

Upon completion and approval of the master plan, the team was retained to design the technical plans and specifications for the development of specialized rock crawling competition trails that would accommodate all 4x4s – from street legal SUVs and Jeeps to fully modified rock crawlers. The trail systems have been designed as a loop system with various levels of difficulty. Standards set forth by the Forest Service and the Department of Natural Resources, as well as other environmental concerns, were a focal point during the planning process. User safety was another important consideration during every step of planning.

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Northwest Washington

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